Colorful, irreverent and ethical:  the AGAINST GREY collection

It is the result of highly creative work and expression of Italian craftsmanship.
Our collection is inspired by underground Berlin vibes.

With the power of colours and original design you can face your daily challenges. You can express yourself in an ethical way without giving-up style!

We created 100% handmade : long and short sleeves hoodies and kimono jackets.

AGAINST GREY hoodies are comfy and casual hoodies with dramatic-large hoods. We mixed different colours and experiment unusual textiles combinations. Every piece is one-of-a-kind: don’t miss your favorite!

AGAINST GREY  reversible kimonos are amazing jackets with an oriental touch.
2 styles in 1 jacket: you can choose one side or another! Say hi to comfort: every side has two practical pockets and reversible zippers.
Every kimono is unique: there no two are alike.

Reclaim the streets with your AGAINST GREY!