with care

We embrace a conscious & artisanal approach to fashion

Each single day we eat and we dress. Fashion is more important than
we think. It’s the way we express ourselves. We express our identity
through clothes. It is worth doing it well!

We love and we care about fashion. It’s time for a revolution!

This is the reason why we founded Against Grey as a project, not only
as a brand. A project to inspire socially-conscious fashion, to promote
changing the way we purchase.

We are a slow fashion project

We produce on a small scale and take care of the entire
creative-production cycle.
Every single step happens within our own tailoring workshop in Berlin,
from the sample to the final garment.
We minimizing the environmental impact of clothing production.
Zero-waste, no fabric goes into the bin!

We trust in design, in something beautiful and fairness

We are constantly striving to create a quality product, we take time to
ensure quality production.
Our efforts give meaning to what we create: we are artisans.
For us the word​ handmade​
means a long creative and productive
process with​ our own hands​.

All Against Grey items are designed and handmade. Our collections
are timeless, independent from the trends of the season. Every piece
has Its own individual character.

We’re driven by our passion, experimenting freely with new projects.
We give our all!

In a nutshell, handmade for Against Grey means: hard work, a few tears and great satisfaction.
Everyday is a fashion-adventure!